Nutrition Response Testing®


Nutrition Response Testing® is a tool that helps you determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health.



Designed Clinical Nutrition

After you identify the underlying reason your body is creating symptoms, you can isolate and verify the precise whole food supplements (and quantities) your body needs to resolve its problems.



Customized Nutritional Coaching

As unique individuals, there is no such thing as a "one nutrition plan fits all." Learning the basics of nutrition and how your body works enables you to work out the exact right way YOU need to eat to achieve your health goals. 



Total Health Restoration


We take a different approach as the goal is "total health restoration". Using Nutrition Response Testing®, you precisely identify your body’s specific barriers and address each one in turn, starting with the primary block to your health and then intelligently tackling each barrier until you have restored your whole health.

We live in Southern California and have worked with Sherie Eubank for the past three years. Sherie's focus is on health/wellness has increased exponentially. The work has been about bringing the body back into balance so  it can heal. She has addressed such issues as: Chronic inflammation, asthma, heart palpitations, fungus, parasites and metals in the body...



Although the majority of sessions are over the phone, it's the actual in-person visits that warm our hearts. The atmosphere and experience of "being with" the entire staff is beyond compare. They feel like family who want the very best for us.

Wee just returned from Montana after being there for a month experiencing all the healing modalities that HOW has to offer. Truly, there is no place we've experienced that is such a healing experience.