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Sherie Eubank and her Healthy Out West team are definitely our #1 go to for health and wellness. Whether it be a life threatening dance with cancer...or the occasional cold, flu, or hard to diagnose issue, you can count on the Healthy Out West Team!

- Gregory & Robin


Healthy Out West has been a tremendous gift to our family. We refer so many people to the office, because this work gets to the root of the issue. Forever grateful for the staff at HOW!

- Natalie


We live in Southern California and have worked with Sherie Eubank for the past three years. Sherie's focus on health/wellness has increased exponentially. The work has been about bringing the body back into balance so  it can heal. She has addressed such issues as: chronic inflammation, asthma, heart palpitations, fungus, parasites and metals in the body... 



Although the majority of sessions are over the phone, it's the actual in-person visits that warm our hearts. The atmosphere and experience of "being with" the entire staff is beyond compare. They feel like family who want the very best for us.

We just returned from Montana after being there for a month experiencing all the healing modalities that HOW has to offer. Truly, there is no place we've experienced that is such a healing experience. 



I was very concerned about my 14 yr old Collie/Blue Heeler dog named Bailey. He wasn't acting like his normal energetic ball fetching self anymore. His gums were pale. He was lethargic, panting and coughing. I took him to his veterinarian who took x-rays and blood work....Bailey had cancer.

I took him to Healthy Out West the next day, and Sherie tested him using her Nutrition Response Testing and found that Bailey needed some nutritional support. He responded quickly to the nutrients and regained the energy and vigor that he had lost. He's back to playing ball and seems happy and engaged.



I felt pretty good when I first came in, but only because I was on a very restricted diet and meds for SIBO. My goal was to completely heal the gut by understanding what was causing my issue and address those underlying (ROOT) causes. I was restricted and had bloating and distention with many foods prior to. My energy was low and my emotions were affected negatively by gut issues. Anxiety and stress were problematic and I wasn't sleeping well.

After coming to Healthy Out West my energy has increased significantly. I'm able to eat more foods without feeling bloated or having distension. I still get it at times, and am still working on increasing my food choices, but we have made HUGE headway! I feel I'm over the hump and on the other side. My mood is more stable and I sleep SO much better now! Sherie and Emily have been a HUGE part of my healing journey. I'm finally beginning to feel like my healthy self again. 

Their commitment to helping clients through the discovery process, The multiple treatments offered, the ability to work with each body and know exactly what it needs has been a tremendous gift.

I am forever grateful!

I feel like I've been given a new lease on life and it would not have happened without the support of Sherie, Emily and the team at Healthy Out West!





"I was not sleeping. Always feeling bloated and uncomfortable. I was taking Prilosec everyday. After coming to Healthy Out West for only one week, I'm totally off my Prilosec, and heartburn free. I'm sleeping great and not feeling bloated all the time. I'm very excited about continuing my quest here at Healthy Out West and look forward to more improvement. Thank You to the staff at Healthy Out West."

- Stephanie



"Before I came to Healthy Out West, I had what I would consider severe IBS. It was hard to leave the house most days, and I always felt uncomfortable. After just a few months of working with the staff at Healthy Out West, I noticed a major difference. They helped me realize what foods my body didn't like, and with the whole food supplements, the IBS has improved. I no longer found myself searching for the bathrooms everywhere I went. Also, as if it couldn't get any better, I lost 16 pounds in two months! After my great results I started bringing my family along. I am thankful to get my children started at an early age. My 3 year old son started with a very weak immune system and was getting sick every 3 weeks or so. Now he hasn't been sick in at least 3 months."

- Brittney


"I was exhausted and having nauseating headaches. I was prone to crying and emotional unrest. I was often bloated and experienced painful gas. I was unable to exercise, and was uncomfortable most of the time from muscle soreness. After coming to Healthy Out West, I can get through a regular day on one night's sleep! I am able to exercise some and play more with my kids, especially bike rides! I am no longer struggling with gas and seem to process emotional issues rationally. I have also experienced some relief in muscle soreness."

- Sarah 

Hot Flashes

"I was having hot flashes so intense that I had trouble with my every day life. Sleeping was almost impossible. I spent most of my nights sitting on the edge of my bed with a fan blowing on me. I also started having problems with my digestion and fatigue. The lack of sleep also made me very emotional. Because of Healthy Out West I haven't had a hot flash in over a month now. I sleep great, my digestion is great, and my quality of life is 100% better. Best of all, it's all natural!"

- Daneen

Health Issues

"Some of the major health issues I have been dealing with over a period of time:  herpes simplex, acid reflux, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and leg pain. I reached a point where these issues were increasing in severity. I've always felt that my diet was a healthy one and I was doing all the right things. What a rude awakening I would be faced with! After 7 months working with the Healthy Out West group, I have progressed remarkably! Acid reflux is nonexistent. The blood pressure numbers are lower. The severity of the herpes simplex and leg pain has been reduced to the point of being manageable. The recommending reading material and maintaining a daily food intake log has been a tremendous personal educational tool in helping me to reduce my IBS, lose a few pounds, and eat healthier. I feel much better with the passing of each day."

- Veronica


"I was tired all the time, no energy, recurring yeast infections, and dramatic weight gain. Now, my energy level has dramatically improved, tiredness is much less and yeast infections are clearing up. I've lost 22 pounds since I started with Sherie. I feel like my overall health is improving daily. Thanks, Sherie!"

- Lynn

Bone Growth

"Before I came to my first appointment, I was suffering from a lot of pain in my right shoulder. I was also dealing with occasional hot flashes and, I had gone through a tooth implant process that failed. I wasn't sure if I could be helped with that, but I truly wanted to know what my body needed in order to heal and become healthier. I am amazed! My shoulder pain is so much better than it was when I started. I don't suffer from daily pain. I rarely have hot flashes anymore and if I do, they are very mild. Around the same time I started here, I had oral surgery involving bone grafting to prepare for another tooth implant. Four months later, I went back to have implant surgery. During the surgery the doctor made the remark that my bones were as hard as concrete! Also, my memory has improved."

- Renee

Melancholy and Depression

"My brain was very foggy and I was not feeling myself. I had days of melancholy and depression. I kept having pains where my gallbladder used to be, and I could not lose weight. My knee didn't function very well, and I was in constant pain. I also had heart pounding in my chest, which had been getting more frequent and was able to feel it skip beats. After only 3 visits I am much more alert with a lot more energy. I have started to lose weight and feel so much better. It is truly amazing. I have almost no heart pounding and my heartbeat is much more regular. The gallbladder pain is pretty much gone. My knee is starting to work with less pain, which gives me much more ability to move."

- Connie

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