We're Moving On . . . to a New Location!

Well, it's happened. As many of our current clients are probably aware, there were some issues with the office here on Jackrabbit, so Sherie started looking for a place to move her office into. It turns out she's found a pretty great place! It does, unfortunately need a bit of remodeling (okay, it needs more than a bit), but we hope to be done within a few weeks. The dates we have set for the move are April 29th and 30th. Whew! If those near and dear to us (a.k.a. our clients) see us buzzing around like bees who broke into a pack of 5 hour energy, it's only because we want to get it done with the least amount of inconvenience to you! Once it is finished, and you come in, you will be floored by our five (FIVE!) exam rooms, our kitchen (We Have a Kitchen!), and our much bigger waiting room. Can you tell we're excited about this?

Our many thanks to all the folks who have stuck with us through the bumps in the road. This move is to be able to service You, with You, the clients, in mind. We can't wait to greet you in our new offices! Come see us after the move, at 90 W Central in Belgrade. (It's just behind the post office in the middle of town, in case you have trouble finding it.)

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"I was tired all the time, no energy, recurring yeast infections, dramatic weight gain.  Now, my energy level has dramatically improved, tiredness much less and yeast infections clearing up. I've lost 22 pounds since I started. I feel like my overall health is improving daily. Thanks!" -Lynn


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90 W. Central Ave.

Belgrade, MT  59714



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