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What Is Holding You Back?

Do You Have A Health Condition Holding You Back?

Do you have a health concern or condition that is holding you back from living your life to the fullest? Maybe you have been prescribed medications to help but still don't feel 100%.

Many people struggle daily with health conditions that are directly related to a weakened or compromised organ, but never find out, or find out when it's too late.

Medications to cover up or treat the symptom doesn't solve the root of the issue. That's what our practitioners at Healthy Out West want to do first and foremost, get to the root of the matter.

No two bodies are alike, so what works for your partner, parents, or children might not work for you and visa versa. Also what foods and "No Foods" you test for most likely will be different.

Nutrition Response Testing® is based on a proven theory that your body can tell you exactly what's wrong with it by exhibiting a variety of symptoms and those symptoms are like a map to the root of the problem, through Nutritional Response Testing®.

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