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Allergy Clearing

No shots! No needles! No blood work! 

At Healthy Out West We Do Allergy Clearing Based On The Principles Of Acupuncture, But Without The Pins And Needles

The Allergy Clearing is a treatment system based on the principles of acupuncture without the use of needles. The treatment restores the communication flow between your brain and your body thus reducing and/or eliminating your allergy symptoms. At Healthy Out West, sensitivity to allergens are cleared one at a time.

Many people have very obvious reactions to certain foods and/or substances. Symptoms can be immediate, strong reactions after eating certain foods or exposure to things like smoke, dust, pet dander, etc, and others have more of a delayed reaction, which can occur a few hours or days after exposure. Unfortunately symptoms become so familiar, we start to think of them as the "norm" and just something we have to live with. Healthy Out West is all about taking your health back!

The Allergy Clearing doesn't guarantee all allergies will be gone, however, we are seeing great success and are excited to see more people living their best life!

Safe and Effective for Children

How Much Are Foods and Chemicals Bothering Your 

Children's Health and Well-being?

The Allergy Clearing is so safe and simple that children are great candidates for doing the clearings. We start with eggs and dairy. Also the vaccine clearing can be very beneficial to clear any residual effects from vaccines and medications.

Each Allergy Clearing is $48.
We also offer the 7 clearings for a package price of $265.
Call today 406-388-4444

Allergy Clearing is available for dogs also!
Skin conditions, picky eater, extra smelly?
Fido doesn't need to suffer!
Call today 406-388-4444

Allergy Clearing For Pets

Don't Let Your Pets Suffer

We have used  Nutrition Response Testing® for pets with great success, and we have just started the Allergy Clearing for dogs. So far, it seems to be working well.


At Healthy Out West we charge $35 for Nutrition Response Testing® for dogs and $35 for the Allergy Clearing for dogs.


Standard Process also carries a great line of supplements for canine and feline.

The Allergy Kit  Banner.png

You may purchase your own personal Allergy Clearing kit with the link below.

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